Pigments for Paints

Decorative Paints

Our extensive range of pigments and dispersions offers excellent value and provides a one-stop solution for this challenging market application.


Our SudacolourTM, SudafastTM and SudapermTM pigments have been carefully selected to provide a palette with a wide spectrum of colours and effects for decorative paints and coatings. They are ideal for use in universal stainers for in-plant and in-store tinting systems, and in solvent and water-based tinters, dispersions or finished paints.


SudacolourTM, SudafastTM and SudapermTM pigments are also available in pre-dispersed stir-in form for easy incorporation into aqueous base paints without the need for milling. SudafineTM colour water-based dispersions utilise the latest developments in surfactant technology to ensure compatibility with most water-based applications, combined with exceptional durability and value. SudafineTM pastes are VOC-free and resin-free.


Pigments for Plastics

Sudarshan’s pigments have been carefully selected from Sudarshan’s SudacolourTM, SudafastTM, SudapermTM and SudadurTM pigment ranges to provide a palette with a wide spectrum of colours and performance for plastic applications:

  • Plastic masterbatch & compound (polyolefins, technical engineering polymers, vinyls / PVC, styrenics, nylons and PU foams)

  • Plastic masterbatch for fibre yarn (PP, PA and PET)

Sudarshan is the only pigment producer with the capability of offering this breadth of options, with a leading range of traditional inorganic colourants and heavy metal free organic pigments - we cater for all perspectives.


Pigments for Inks

Liquid Inks

Sudarshan specialises in pigments for liquid ink. Our comprehensive colour range offers high quality, consistent, organic pigments at an affordable price, ideal for direct letterpress, flexo, gravure and screen printing. We support ink manufacturers with excellent technical service, in-situ support and customised products - a partnership approach, providing solutions that make sense.

Sudarshan pigments are recommended for both flexographic and gravure printing, and are a popular choice for packaging Inks.

Our complete range of high quality classical azos and phthalocyanines are equivalent or superior to the leading industry standards and are manufactured within tightly controlled specifications.


Offset Inks

Sudarshan produces a high quality range of classical organic pigments for the colouration of publication and commercial printing inks for magazines, direct mail and other commercial printing. We also supply a speciality range of high quality toners with outstanding colour brilliance.

Our products are commonly used in paste inks for heatset, sheet-fed, coldset and intaglio processes, and in some cases UV curable inks. Sudarshan excels in producing colours with improved lithographic performance, with reduced fount pH drift that allows for better ink stability.

Our Cyan, Magenta and Yellow process pigments are highly dispersible, designed to achieve high pigment loading without adversely affecting the rheology of paste inks or the print quality produced.

Our spot colours are selected to reach colour extremities that maximise the colour space achievable for formulators.

Sudarshan offers a range of performance pigments from our high-end SudapermTM brand for the most demanding applications, our mid-range SudafastTM brand where light-fastness is required and our SudacolourTM range for everyday use.

Available as dry colour and press-cake, our pigments provide the cleanliness, brightness, high viscosity and superior transfer needed for sheet-fed gravure printing.

We have the flexibility and expertise to develop customised products and preparations such as sheet-fed flush colour, on request.

Pigment Carbon Black

Carbon black is pigment that is used in coatings, paints, inks, plastics etc. is called pigment carbon black. Pigment carbon black can also provide functions of conductivity, electrostatic shielding, shielding against UV, and preventing resin aging in application for coatings & paints, inks, plastics. Hence, in a broad sense pigment carbon black is called special carbon black (as distinguished from carbon black that is used in rubber).