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Asha Penn

Asha Penn Color Pvt. Ltd. (APC), Mumbai, India, manufacturer of pigment dispersions and colour concentrates is a joint venture between Asha Dispersions Pvt. Ltd. of Mumbai, India and Penn Colour Inc. of Doylestown, PA, USA.

Asha Dispersions Pvt. Ltd., a member of the Asha Group of Companies, was a major manufacturer of colour chips and dispersions for printing inks, paints, wood lacquer and cosmetics with distribution channels in India, Africa, Far East, Middle East and Europe. It is one of the major international producers of pigmented chips mainly based on nitrocellulose as well as resins like polyamide and vinyl.

Penn Color Inc. is a leading international supplier of colour dispersions and colour concentrates for the plastics, coating and printing inks marketplace with manufacturing facilities in the United States and Europe. Penn Color, with corporate headquarters in Doylestown, PA, was founded in 1964. It has manufacturing operations in Hatfield, PA; Richmond, VA; Ringgold, GA; Elmwood Park, NJ (USA) and in Venray, The Netherlands.

APC’s manufacturing site is located in Valsad, Gujarat about 200 kms from Mumbai. APC utilises technology, manufacturing and market strengths contributed by both partners. The joint venture permits product line growth and serves the expanding requirements of customers on a worldwide basis. The new company is supported by an independent research & development group in India, working in synergy with Penn Color’s central research laboratories in the US.

APC has manufacturing facility of a wide range of standard and customized pigmented dispersions / colour concentrates in dry and liquid forms, in various resin systems, for industries such as packaging and jet inks; automotive, wood, industrial and specialty coatings; PVC sheet, film and compounds; wall covering and flooring; fibres; specialty thermoplastics (film/sheet/injection and blow moulded applications). The products are marketed under the trade name “COLOURPLUS”.

APC dispersions meet standardised product specifications so that multinational customers with worldwide manufacturing bases, are assured of consistent product quality and precise universal specifications on a worldwide basis.

APC welcomes the opportunity to provide all of your colour requirements, with a singular objective to serve customers with “Colour in its best form”.

Through an approach of working closely with multinational manufacturers for their global need of colour dispersions with uniform quality, APC aims to become the leading provider of solutions of colour dispersions globally.

Visit their website: www.ashapenncolor.com