Our Principals

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Prescient Color Ltd.

Prescient Color Ltd. is a subsidiary of Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd. Sudarshan has been the pioneer in the field of pigments in India since 1952.

Today, Sudarshan is one of the largest pigment manufacturers in South East Asia and exports over USD 25m to over 40 countries, a testimony to the team's endless commitment to ethics and quality.

Prescient has been created to provide spinners and plastic processors the best options in masterbatches, by leveraging their vast experience and versatility in pigments.


Prescient was incorporated in 2006 to provide the best solutions in masterbatches with specific focus on the textile and specialty plastics industries.


Prescient’s facility is located in Pirangut, Pune about 150 kms south of Mumbai. We have state of the art German twin-screw extruders and ancillary equipment. Our application research center and quality assurance cell also has world class testing instruments which provide us with a unique technical edge.

Core Competencies

Manufacturing masterbatches suitable for fine denier applications.

Manufacturing customized masterbatches for special properties and effects.

Choosing and sourcing the most appropriate colorants and additives.

Providing innovative services across the value chain.

Providing collaborative opportunities for application research.

Value Propositions


We realize that our valued customers are faced with constant competitive pressures for economies and product innovation.

Our parent company, Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd. manufactures organic colorants such as Monoazos, Disazos, Toners, High Performance Reds, Yellows and Oranges, Phthalocyanine Blues and Greens. The inorganic range includes Mica and Lead based Pearlescents, Chromes, and Iron Oxides as well.

Vertical Integration brings to us a plethora of choices, to meet our customers final needs… be it light fastness, soap fastness, food grade, or any regulatory requirements.


We deliver product innovation by understanding exactly the processing parameters of the customer. Product innovation generally involves partnership of our application team with a partnering customer’s factory and design staff.

We provide particle size flexibility, flexibility in development routes, monobatches as well as tailor-made custom shades, and highly flexible pilot application services.


We understand that any defect in our product can result in large losses to our customer. Our masterbatches are designed to perform with high conformance quality with every lot being tested against an agreed master. We also invest in cutting edge IT systems and world class business practices to ensure that we are dependable as a vendor.

Visit their website: www.prescientcolor.com